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VETRAR DRAUGURINN’s (NL) debut full length album contains 11 sorrow-drenched tracks of their own blend of melancholic doom metal with hints of Swallow the Sun, Alcest, Paradise Lost, Ghost Brigade, A Perfect Circle, The Gathering, a.o.
Diverse, intense, dynamic. Featuring the soothing and warm clear voice of Marjan Welman (Autumn, Ayreon), together with band members that are also know for All For Nothing, Daeonia, Pilgrimage, Stream of Passion, Hologram Earth, Dystopia, Ancient Rites.

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Reviews of Vetrar Draugurinn's "Hinterlands"

  • Metal Observer (DE)
    “Hinterlands” is a very emotional and atmospheric album with a strong sense of melancholy and a lot of doom metal elements but it also has a very good pace and quite a lot of groove. Vetrar Draugurinn made natural and beautiful songwriting their top priority and that translates into a promising debut that I strongly advise you take the time to dive into.``
  • Musikreviews.de
    “Hinterlands is a near-to-perfect debut for a band that makes no secret of their love for the Gothic Doom of the 1990s and takes a contemporary approach.”
  • DRDP.net
    “It is a powerful album in a genre that already has many greats who set an incredibly high bar. However, this band has managed to reach that bar and I would say surpass it.``
  • Rockportaal (NL)
    ``This album will definitely be liked by people whom like music with depth. This is an album I’ll be listening to for many more times to come, and which won’t get boring. The type of album you’ll get addicted to.”

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