Dark Skies Coming is an entity that was erected around 2010 by Eric Hazebroek as a monicker to put on all his musical activities. Never intended to make any profit and never intended to become a real company, Dark Skies Coming was just a name to mimic a record company on all the releases he spewed into the world from the bands he was part of at the time. Throughout the years he also put albums and EP’s online from friends, just so they were available on the many streaming outlets. It was all part of the hobby he held so dear, namely music (in all its forms).

Daeonia, The Saturnine, DiTCH, Manifest, Robynne Leah, solo, Vetrar Draugurinn,… For the last 10 years Dark Skies Coming has released different, interesting and original music to the music fan that, by accident, stumbles upon the DSC Bandcamp site. But things changed in 2018… Vetrar Draugurinn became a serious band and needed some organization. In November 2018 Stichting Dark Skies Coming came to life. A foundation to represent the official side of the musical adventures of Eric Hazebroek.

Stichting DSC is currently focussed on the journey that’s taken by Vetrar Draugurinn and DiTCH. Bookings, management and administration being handled in a clear manner. At the moment Dark Skies Coming is not an official management or booking agency, nor is it a record company.

Stichting Dark Skies Coming | KvK 72996951 | BTW NL859314029B01