28th March 2019
Vetrar Draugurinn
Painted Bass Records
Producer: Eric Hazebroek
Number of discs: 1

On March 28th, 2019 Vetrar Draugurinn released their long awaited full length album “Hinterlands” through Painted Bass Records. The physical album contained 11 tracks, while the digital pre-order contained the Bonus Track “The Noose (Originally by A Perfect Circle).

“Hinterlands” is a diverse album which reaches out to several genres like doom, prog metal, plus some rock and post-rock elements. With very personal lyrics and honest song writing the album demands several listens before the true essence can be discovered. This resulted in positive but also very eclectic reviews.

Song writer & guitar player Eric Hazebroek was accompanied by Marjan Welman (vocals), Jim van de Kerkhof (drums), Arjan Heijden (bass) and Thomas Cochrane (guitars) for this album. Additional Cello was contributed by Elianne Anemaat.

“Hinterlands” (the title track) was released as a lyric video before the release, followed by a solemn video for “Twelfth Night” at release time.

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