I (EP)

30th March 2017
Vetrar Draugurinn
Number of discs: 1

” I ” is the debutEP by the Dutch melancholic metal band Vetrar Draugurinn. The physical version contained 4 original tracks, of which “Mother of Northern Skies” and “Bleak Earth” were re-recorded for the band’s full-length album “Hinterlands” in 2018. The digital version of this EP came with 2 free bonus tracks, namely “Traveling Alone” (a Tribute the the band Woods of Ypres) and “Into the Black Light” (a Tribute to the band Ghost Brigade).

Originally intended to become the solo project of guitar player Eric Hazebroek, the group became a full blown band after Eric’s former band, Stream of Passion, decided to call it a day in 2016. All members agreed to become part of this collective and so Vetrar Draugurinn was born.

Together with vocalist Marjan Welman (Autumn, Ayreon), bas player Douwe de Wilde (DiTCH, ex-Daeonia), and drummer Jim van de Kerkhof (ex-All For Nothing) this introductional EP was recorded at Studio Boeken. Additional musicians were Elianne Anemaat (Cello) and Robynne Leah (additional vocals on “Bleak Earth”)


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